Web designer, Frontend Developer & Artist


This is a landing page for the swedish company Solutions Skövde. The client wanted a bright and inviting site that instantly gave a quick summary of their area of expertize, whiles also providing more in depth information for those who wished to read on.

The client also wanted to have a clearly visable contact section, followed by companies they've previously worked with, and quotes from those companies. Also, to make it easier for the client to change things in the future, Javascript is kept to minimum, and is only used to supply support for Google Anaytics.

The logo, witch design inspired the look of the site, was also created by me in relation to the development of the website.


Web designer, Frontend Developer & Artist


This very website! Designed to be a portfolio site for a variety of jobs, each page is constructed sections that contains one horizontal gallery (that supports img and iframe tags) and one description. Everything on the site is standardised making it as easy as possible to add and remove new sections. The navigtion menu is generted as the site loads from the sections put in each site.

Beacuse of the sites autogenerated layout and the many small effects creted to make using the site more comfortable, it heavily relies on a combination of CSS and Javscript.


Web designer


A very simple landing page made for Clustertruck by Landfall Games. The client wanted visitors to be greeted by a picture or video of the game with a huge logo covering it, followed by a call to action that let visitors sign up to thier newsletter. After that, they just wanted the visitors to have an easy access to screenshots and trailers.

Much like the website made for Solutions Skövde, the website was developed in conjuction with the clients logo, get their designs to match.

(As a fun extra, a small Javascript activates when holding down the "subscribe" button, causing the surrounding element to slowly break apart and the screen to shake!)